Post Construction

KPRS is committed to the on-going success of a project, even after its completion.  We offer warranties to our clients based on the needs of every project.  We work closely with subcontractors and inspectors to provide quality installation and maintenance services.

In addition, KPRS provides a CD Close-Out Package containing pertinent technology and maintenance information.  KPRS establishes final payment and retainage, prepares the final cost report and assembles historical cost data and reports.  When the project schedule is complete, KPRS coordinates and obtains final approvals, prepares a move-in program, a final schedule status report is created, and documents major building equipment.

KPRS employs a Post Construction Manager to manage all Post Construction needs.  KPRS ensures Quality Control through coordination of final inspections and certificates, preparation of as-built documents, and assembly of record documentation.  The Post Construction Manager works closely with our clients to provide support for Quality Assurance/Quality Control maintenance.